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You've heard the call!

You’ve landed on this website because you were nudged from above.

The PayPeaceForward movement is here to manifest PEACE on EARTH.

Are you ready, willing and able to do your part?

Ready to experience even more PEACE.

Willing to empower even more PEACE.

Able to consciously choose PEACE.

Together, we empower even more peace in hearts, minds, homes, classrooms and communities worldwide.

Be Peace

With the Lovetuner


Take a deep breath, connect your exhale to the healing power of the 528 Hz frequency, meditate and invite Peace Joy and Love into your life so you may live your highest potential with grace.


Attune your Diamond Heart to the divine power of peace as together we prepare to fill amphitheaters worldwide with the heart songs of many through Symphony of Light that will change the world of form.  

LoveTuner Gift Box.jpg

The Be Peace Lovetuner™ is a revolutionary approach to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and arrive at peace in the present moment, connecting your exhale with the power of the 528hz frequency.   


Each Be Peace Lovetuner™ arrives wrapped in cloth and enclosed in a beautiful gift box with instructions for use. 


This exclusive gift of love from the HeartSpa™ includes a copper charm stamped and programmed with the transformational energies of the 8/8/2024 Lion's Gate to amplify Peace Joy and Love and a special invitation to the next remote unified  Diamond Heart Attunement.  ​​​

Free Shipping

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Pay Peace Forward

With a dozen Roses4Peace

This gift of love is special on its own or can be a beautiful expansion to your chosen card, gift or bouquet.


Honor your loved ones with this peace empowered gift.

A Dozen Roses Instructions.png

Roses4Peace™ is the ultimate gift to Know Thyself.  Each card set includes one dozen beautiful rose cards with twelve insightful questions to live into. This one of a kind gift is mindfully prepared and packaged in a 3" x 4 1/2" golden envelope making it simple to give this unique gift for peace.

Free Shipping

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Ask about how you can become a distributor and receive a bouquet of Roses4Peace™ programmed for your distinctive display.

Be Peace Logo Pantone Blue with Text_edited.png

Each HeartSpa™ gift of love is curated to ensure the creator's intention aligns with the PayPeaceForward mission and has been divinely attuned to empower peace.​​


​​Using simple science, faith of a mustard seed, and the heart songs of millions, together, we will manifest world peace. 

​​Simple Science

Sound changes form.  An opera teacher can crack a crystal glass.  We have the power to use our breath and the sound of our voice to fan the flame of genius and transmute the density of discord to empower and embrace peace.  


Faith of a Mustard Seed

Beneath the weight of division, beyond right and wrong doing, each of us has a beautiful and unique heart song that flows freely when awakened, aligned, and attuned with our True Self.  Most of us, including those who have been labeled beyond verbal autistic, have been holding this powerful holy resonance in the sacred silence. 

Heart Songs of Millions

When it is safe to do so, amphitheaters held within the stabilized 528 Hz love frequency will be filled around the world. These vibrational sanctuaries will allow all our heavenly vocals to be harmonized in divine union, expressing in miraculous ways as a Symphony of Light that  broadcasts waves of peace, joy, love and beauty that will change the world of form. 

HeartSpa, Inc.
Pay Peace Forward

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All Rights Honored with Love.

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