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Activate Your Unique
Living Book of Love

HeartListen to the audio tracks below.

Witness your own Divinity.

Savor the Light Codes infused within each track. 

Bathe in the salts of your choosing. 

And, when you are ready. . .

Feel free to share this page with the Dear ONES in your life.

To help hold the clear vibration of this PRICELESS Gift of Love, please ensure that each invitation you share is an inspired action that arises from the inner realm of your heart and is delivered in Divine Time as you are inspired.

On January 5, 2021, at 12:22 pm, as I surrendered even further to the Will of God, I received Divine Clarity to offer, for an undetermined amount of time, this PRICELESS Gift of Love to you and those you choose so together we may Pay Peace Forward and serve the highest good of ALL.

PEACE be with you.

1 New Now Classroom Intro
2 The Key to Entry
3 Love Deeply the Free Will of Choice.m4
4 The 1st Gateway
5 Infused in the Space Between
6 The 2nd Gateway
7 The 3rd Gateway
8 I AM Blessed
9 Free Your HeartSong
10 Create for the Good of ALL
11 The 4th Gateway
12 The 5th Gateway
13 The 6th Gateway
14 The 7th Gateway
15 The 8th Gateway
16 The 9th Gateway
17 The Tribulation
18 The 10th Gateway
19 The 11th Gateway
20 The 12th Gateway
21 The Gap Between
22 Merely an Event Horizon

The Alchemy of 12 and 20 will be accessed when an episode of The Living Book of Love radiates from a place of power and beauty each summer.

The Living Book of Love
Immersion Retreats

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deborahobaker_Neon Square.png
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