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Flip Your Thinking

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

From Seed to Bud

The journey to Oregon was not direct. It took me through Los Angeles to connect with two young masters who had come into Sedona prior to my trip to Pinetop. After an hour in LA, I was guided to Yosemite before heading to northern California. The whirlwind of change had come so quickly that I had completely forgotten about the house in Sedona I had visited the night before. As I continued the journey to Oregon and got near Napa Valley, I heard, "You need to call the owner and see if you can meet with her tomorrow morning?" The day before, she shared that she was now living in Northern California after spending eight years in Sedona. I called and we agreed to meet at 10 am the next morning at a cafe in a small town in Northern California.

As I perused the travel materials in my Windsor timeshare, I learned that there was an Old Faithful Geyser nearby. I knew that I was to visit the Geyser before I met with the homeowner. As I sat at the picnic table awaiting the next eruption, I heard, "Take out your checkbook and write a check dated May 1, 2011 in the amount of $#### for May rent." My questioning mind was aroused. I wondered if I would even have that much money in my account on May 1st. My daughter was graduating college in June and I wondered if I would even be back to Sedona for the month of May. Through the chatter of my monkey mind, I made a choice from love instead of fear and wrote the check leaving it attached to my checkbook.

When I arrived at the cafe an hour later, the homeowner shared that she had had a real "dark night of the soul" the night before because she wasn't feeling supported by the universe. She explained that she had tried to sell the Sedona house a couple years before. When the final listing expired, she decided to rent the house out to cover the cost of the mortgage. She was tired of managing the house rental and wanted to sell, but the thought of putting it up for sale again was daunting.

After the homeowner shared her story, I was guided by the still small voice within to pull out my check book and hand her the check I had written. In that moment, the words of Angels flowed through me. "I am here to help you flip your thinking. Consider the house is no longer for rent. Your mortgage is taken care of. Now you can sell your house." After Love finished speaking, my human shared the truth of what I could see. I didn't know if I would be back to Sedona in May. And, I wasn't sure if I would have money in my bank account on May 1st to cover the check. In that moment, we made a verbal agreement from the space of love. I told her that I was willing to rent the house for her stated price when I returned to Sedona and that I would open the door to her chosen potential buyers. She agreed to call me before she deposited the check and we both agreed to give each other 30 days notice upon vacating. In that moment of strength and clarity, both she and I stood in a place of love and let all our fears fall away, sealing our agreement with a hug.

I continued my journey to Oregon. As I drove the road towards Mt. Shasta, I had visions of making a deep blue native American cedar drum. When I stopped for the night, I could hear the still small voice within guiding me to call the woman who made my red drum to see if I could make a drum with her. When I phoned her, she shared that in just a few days, a group of women from Ashland where gathering to make drums and that she had just prepared a blue hide. Her message took my breath away. Logic wanted to complete the five hour journey home to save any further travel costs. But, the still small voice within was clear. I was to make my blue drum with the Goddess Circle from Ashland. For the next couple days, I retreated to a small room in a home sanctuary in the snowy fir trees to write.

That Saturday a rainbow of drums were made as each of us journeyed deep within. Spirit provided a platform for deep connection and healing as I partnered with a beautiful woman making her green drum. The following day, I left Mt. Shasta. My journey required a brief stop at Crater Lake to photograph my red and blue drums in the crisp white backdrop of nature. The vivid royal blue of my drum radiated the same color as Crater Lake. In May, after a two-day sale in Oregon that cleared nearly the entire contents of my 2,500 square foot home, Divine Magic called me back to Sedona. This time, I pulled a 4 x 6 U-Haul trailer containing the remains of my estate behind my royal blue Honda CRV, Mike, to my Sedona home sanctuary. I returned to Oregon in June for my daughter's graduation. With the help of many angels, I was able to rent the beautiful Sedona home for five months as the owner advertised the home for sale.

On September 13, 2011, I awoke with, "On September 15th you are giving your 30 day notice." "What?

Where am I going?" my mind questioned. I told myself, if I awakened on the 15th and the guidance was still the same, I would give my notice. On September 15th, I gave my 30 day notice to leave the beautiful Sanctuary. Two days after I gave notice, I received a call from the homeowner that someone visiting Sedona wanted to see the house. When I opened the door to show the home, I knew that the woman at the door was to be the caretaker of this sacred space. We connected in a place of knowing. During her Sedona stay, I was guided to take her on the land and we shared a transformational journey in a place of power and beauty.

When I moved out of the Sanctuary in October 2011, an offer to purchase the Sedona house had not yet been received. I was allowed to store my things neatly in the garage. I helped the owner with an estate sale to prepare the house to be listed with a realtor. Once again, I found myself bouncing around Sedona. This time, house sitting in a cozy cabin up the canyon for a couple weeks and rotating between the couches of friends.

That November, I was gifted with an airline ticket to Oregon for a family Thanksgiving. When I returned to Sedona, I learned that the Sanctuary had been sold. A few days later, the woman I shared the transformational journey with phoned to share that the house would close in January. She had to sell her house in Alabama before moving and didn't want to leave the Sedona house vacant. She asked me if I would like to move back into The Sanctuary for a few months.

Spirit always provides. . .I am so blessed.

Little did I know that the magic had just begun. . .and my genius journey was well underway.

Give your mind a rest and bring your heart online. Listen with your heart. Stop. Pause. Breathe.

  • Have you ever taken inspired action without having a plan?

  • Have you ever experienced a "dark night of the soul?"

  • What unexpected miracles have you had in your life?

Embrace the silence. Expand your awareness

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