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New Now™ Formative Assessment

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

“Ah. . .we know you,” voiced the young woman as she and her husband greeted me with a smile. Just before the morning break at the July 2016 Chicago Ultimate Wealth Camp, I received yet another affirmation that I AM always just where I need to be and my journey is fully supported.

I met the young Guatemalan couple for the first time while waiting in line to attend my second Millionaire Mind Intensive in October 2015. The first came as a “gift” from Powerteam while I was still residing in a condo a half block behind the Vegas strip. When I heard the still small voice within nudge me to register for the March 2015 Florida Intensive, I didn’t know how I would get to Florida. I was struggling to pay rent and there was no money that I could see in my bank account to purchase a flight. And, I still had the courage to take inspired action and follow my internal compass.

Two days later, a friend shared that the Millionaire Mind Intensive was coming to Vegas in February, less than two weeks away. “Of course it is,” I said to myself. Over and over again, I had witnessed miracles, magic and moments come together with ease when listening to the GPS of the still small voice within. The energy vibration and alignment to my heart centered proclamation, “I AM living the highest potential of my Divine Mission,” was guiding each chapter of my life. Low and behold, I attended my first Millionaire Mind Intensive without even needing to get into my car for it was just a short walk across the street from my Vegas home.

By April, I had moved to Henderson and had three gigs lined up as an Event Concierge with some of the largest trade shows in Vegas. I was grateful that my “magical” Excel spreadsheet helped to generate the funds needed to update the tags on my car and pay for my living expenses. On the last day of the second trade show, the organizer came around to each contractor in the break room to confirm the assignments for the third event. When she came to me, out of my mouth, from a space that transcends the logical mind, were the words, ”I won’t be in Vegas, I will be in California.”

Although I had felt a “shift” coming, it was the first time that I knew the date that I would be in Los Angeles. Two days later, I received a scholarship to attend the Guerilla Business School in Los Angeles. Shortly after I completed my online enrollment, a friend who lived in Los Angeles was going out of town and asked me if I would like to stay at her place. In May 2015, I experienced many powerful teachers at the Guerilla Business School to include the transformational Presence of Niurka.

When I first met the young Guatemalan couple in October 2015 at my second Millionaire Mind Intensive, I connected from a deep place within the heart and Light Language flowed through me while we waited in line for the event doors to open. When we spoke again at the bottom of the escalator at the Sage Summit in Chicago in July 2016, I learned that since the day we met, the young woman’s life had changed. She had awakened to her genius journey and was stepping into her untapped human potential. When I was inspired to ask her if she sang, she said, “Yes.” In that moment, I heard the still small voice within say, “Share the full extent of your vision.” With the Tin Man’s heart, Scarecrow’s brain and Lion’s courage, I stepped just outside my comfort zone with confidence and my black heels turned into ruby slippers and I shared the vision of change in the silence (and with words) with many over the next several days at the Sage Summit.

I believe that every being on the planet has a unique gift our world needs, including those who are non verbal autistic. In 2007, after an award winning career as a high school business teacher, I began my journey to the heart of education. For over ten years, I was a student in a classroom without walls or known curriculum learning to listen, trust and allow. In 2011, Light Language began flowing through me first through sign then through word and song. At the time, I didn’t know why.

In September 2014, I was inspired to consciously say “Yes” to an inspired invitation to co-create a session for the Holistic Teaching and Learning Conference sponsored by the School of Education at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon. The entire framework and title for the conference session, “What Would Love Do Now?” was received after drumming near the top of Mt. Charleston outside of Las Vegas and when I surrendered my pen and picked up my journal asking, “What wants to be shared through my colleague and I for the highest good of all?”

In December 2014, I stepped into an aligned vibrational frequency that opened the door for me to be a speaker at the Vegas What If? Conference and landed me on stage at the Vegas Ultimate Wealth Conference. That same month, I was called in telepathically to connect with a small group of non verbal autistics (NVA) and their family members. In January 2015, I was inspired to facilitate a remote class with this conscious collective and learned that the high vibration languages that flow through me speak directly to the soul and are masterfully understood as Truth by those who are non verbal autistic. In March 2015, I was honored by this group when I was invited to use light language and song to vibrationally synthesize the written messages of three adult non verbal autistics in a public forum in Sedona, Arizona.

Teacher HeartSpa Professional Development

During this transformational evening, I can look back to see that seed for the New Now™ classroom was vibrationally prepared with the PRICELESS Presence of masters in unity consciousness disguised as non beyond verbal autistic accompanied by the sounds of crystal bowls and synthesized through a Light Language transmission. That evening, the mothers of three uniquely gifted NVAs read the sacred correspondence describing the budding vision that was being held in the field of unity for a new educational system. The event reached an energetic climax when I was attuned by one of the three Masters and the vocal alchemy of the light language and song flowed through me from the stage divinely placed under the glass steeple in the chapel at the Creative Life Center.

By the end of the 2016 Sage Summit, I was interviewed by the Start Up Van and shared with many the vision of a framework for a PRICELESS WIN being held in the field of unity by the conscious collective of beyond-verbal autistics. Uniquely gifted individuals of all ages will have soon have a platform to share their heart centered innovations and transcendent technologies with change agents and be fully honored for their priceless expression—WIN. Educators will be able to learn from well qualified teachers how to better connect with all students to help empower ALL students to bring their unique gifts into the world of form—no matter how crazy they may seem—providing every child with the right to a quality education—WIN. Thought Leaders and success leaders will be able to help their audience members breakthrough the glass ceiling of greatness and enter the threshold of genius—WIN. Heart centered entrepreneurs will have the safe space to illuminate, share their stories and market their innovative technologies—WIN.

And if that’s not enough, the missions of many will be woven together to create the seamless bridge from heaven to earth. Together, we will consciously collaborate to form evolved, expanded systems using New Now™ vibrational classrooms that provide the safe space to source solutions from unity consciousness. And, when it's safe to do so, amphitheaters will be filled worldwide. And, when the heart songs of those who are beyond verbal merge with the heart songs of thousands of awakened souls, the Symphony of Light will play through the entire audience and change the world of form. In the time it takes an opera singer to crack a crystal glass, the chaos of the current world will shatter and in its place heaven on earth will be revealed. It's only a matter of time before the vibrational visions for evolved systems currently being held in the field of unity consciousness will be birthed into the world of form manifesting PEACE ON EARTH.

“If you want to make more money, solve bigger problems," adorns the wall in the upper floor of a golden tower just off the Las Vegas strip. Money is not my motivation. And, I AM open to receive Divine Dispensation that fully supports each inspired action I take as part of my Divine Mission to manifest Peace on Earth. I am here to help solve a $1 trillion+ problem and I know that it is done by joining many together in the field of unity consciousness.

Often, wherever I go, I connect with the "meek" who have unique gifts to share that are not easily seen with the eyes and can be felt with the heart. I am grateful to have mastered the practice of tuning into the field of unity consciousness. I am blessed to have had many profound teachers. I have worked closely with Master Teachers who monitor the energy grids in the unseen world. They connect the sparks of light emanating from awakened hearts and are here to help bring heart centered innovations into the world of form. When a personalized heart song or light language transmission flows through me, a gem of human potential is awakened and a cushion of support is created.

There are no accidents. You are here now for purpose and reason.


Give your mind a rest.

Bring your heart online.

Listen with your heart.




Embrace the silence.

Expand your awareness

  • What are your unique gifts?

  • How are you helping serve humanity with your unique gifts?

  • Do you have Divine gifts waiting to be re-membered?

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