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We are the Change

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

We are the Change

Today, as I rise like the Phoenix, I can look back at my path and see Divine Perfection.

All my life, I have been an educator; however, in the summer of 2007, I was faced with a difficult choice. In December 2006, I had an instantaneous shift in consciousness following a powerful clearing massage. In the ten days that followed, I dropped 15 pounds, wrote a book, received the framework of my life path, and witnessed yoga postures emerging in mediation without having received any formal yoga instruction. When I returned to the classroom after winter break, my principal asked, "What happened to you?" At that time, I didn't have an answer. What happened wasn't something I had learned about in any classroom. During the remainder of the school year, I found I had more time than I knew what to do with. I even stepped out of the classroom during lunch for the first time in nearly six years.

In July 2007, after being denied a one-week leave without pay to attend a November advanced training, I was faced with a difficult choice. My entire being knew I needed to continue advanced training in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy to help heal my mind, body and spirit from the deep seeded grief I had stuffed after the 1998 death of my husband. For the first time in my life, I allowed the choice to come from deep within the essence of my being instead of being ruled by fear. I left my stable job (with retirement and summers off) to do what I knew in my heart I needed to do at this time in my life.

My journey future forward involved a daily practice of contemplative prayer and listening to my heart. It took time for the mind chatter to quiet down. And in the silence of “not doing” I began to feel. As a result, I allowed time for the birthing of my life’s purpose. I may not have all the answers, but I do know that I am an educator who does whatever it takes to lead, inspire and support all students to be successful lifelong learners. In my commitment, I willingly journeyed to the heart of education and back.

I know I have a role to play in helping provide adults who work with youth the professional development they need to truly heal their hearts so that they can create the safe space for learning to be birthed from vibrational classrooms for our youth. I believe that it is time for our nation’s schools to focus on the “root” instead of continuing to count the “fruit.” I have been blessed with birthing a program that will “be the change” we want to see in our educational system. I am honored to share what I have with you. In the meantime, may this entry ignite a fire of re-membrance in your heart as you choose to journey future forward.

Prior to March 22, 2008, I had not followed the 2008 Presidential Campaign. However, I had heard that Oprah was supporting Barack and that he was for “change.” As a registered Independent, I often don’t tune into the political rhetoric until the November election. Instead of feeling pressure to vote along a party line, I have always wanted the freedom to vote with my “heart.” However, upon returning home Friday afternoon and getting the morning paper out of my mailbox expecting I might see a movie, I was moved from within after reading the headline that Obama was in Salem for a ticketed event and would be speaking that night in Eugene.

I questioned if Eugene was where I needed that afternoon on my morning walk. By the time I arrived home, I knew that I was needed in Eugene. I also knew that I would be in the front row and shake Barack’s hand. How did I know? I could feel, sense and see a visceral picture of information land in the clear brilliance of my diamond heart. I now call that space my internal compass. A one of a kind GPS created just for me and my journey to the heart of matter that allows me to navigate the unknown with ease and grace.

When I arrived to the University of Oregon, I found the longest line I had ever seen. After weaving through thousands of kind souls and receiving some caring coaching, I found the end of the two lines that had formed. Although many had come with friends, I came solo with the intention of giving and receiving all that was in for the highest good. I had grown comfortable with silence for I was truly breathing in the entire experience. I could feel the warmth of love surround me. I had never seen a presidential candidate before and my “inner knowing” kept telling me that this was a pivotal experience. I had grown beyond the need to know how I knew, I just knew. I could feel deep within my heart the eternal importance of the vision Obama was sharing on the campaign trail and I knew in my heart that my Presence in that field that day was an investment in eternity.

The line began to move slowly and those nearby began to talk. I continued observing in silence—just feeling the energy—mine as it continued to grow and grow and others as it merged with my Divine energy field. On a couple of occasions, I offered a brief phrase or two to add to the conversations nearby, but my main engagement was feeling the experience. After moving around a portion of the soccer field, I noticed a fortune cookie paper lay number side up on the sidewalk. I reached down to pick it up feeling the message was for me to find. “Today will be lucky and memorable for you.” I laughed out loud with a sense of gratitude that left a quiet smile on my face.

As I continued following my place in line, the near seven foot tall handsome young man with the sandy brown hair from Corvallis asked what I did in Salem. I explained I was a student in Yoga Therapy and he shared that he worked with solar energy. We continued in line another hour and a half with brief conversation as I was truly feeling the energy that surrounded me. As people around began to question if we would get into the stadium, I knew we would see Obama from the front row.

When the entry doorway was visible, having followed the snake like line around the entire perimeter of the soccer field, we got the message that McArthur Court was full and that Barack would be making a brief appearance on the soccer field. With this message those remaining in the line split off in many directions. I headed to the soccer field—the place our line had begun. As I weaved through the line to find a clear path, I noticed the same tall man nearby. When I arrived at the soccer field to find a spot in the front, there he stood next to me just behind the rope barricade.

We waited for nearly 30 minutes for Obama to appear, all the while I was truly feeling the energy within and around the crowd becoming ONE. I chose to speak sparingly as I was in such a feeling space. As time passed, standing room became tight. With polite impatience, there was no personal space available. It was as if all had melded into one united field of energy. The field of energy was getting even more intense as it merged even more with our physical bodies crammed together. The crisp, cold night under the artificial lights had grown warmer in the mass ball of united energy. In fact, the tall man in just a t-shirt commented that he was no longer cold. The day had slumbered almost arriving to dusk.

Similar to the energy I felt at the Museum of Tolerance at the Freedom Writers teacher training, I could feel the resonance of the energy of the tall man align with my field. It was if our souls resided in the same vibrational location and were in comfort being physically near one another. As we waited, the tall man made another comment, “I should have done my yoga this morning ‘cause I’m feeling it now.” The energy I felt continued to grow. It was as if he and I had merged our energies and were illuminating the entire soccer field as channels for the Divine love that encircled us. I stood breathing in the powerful energy and breathing out love to all those attending. As I closed my eyes, I witnessed an experience powerful beyond measure without words to fully describe.

When Obama arrived, he spoke for several minutes—words that my soul longed to hear from a leader. Before entering the large black SUV and departing to the front doors of the stadium, the presidential candidate cruised the barricade to shake hands. When he arrived with a clutch of security officers in front of the yellow rope near my waste, I held out my right hand.

Barack reached for my right hand and shook it as he reached with his left hand to shake the tall young man’s hand. In that moment, time stopped as Obama's hands were tied across his chest in a double handshake. In a split second, I made direct eye contact with Obama while channeling the loving energy that had filled the night air and clearly stated, “WE are the Change” emphasizing each word a firm grip and a shake of the hand.

“WE are the Change.”

Barack’s eyes of shock glared back at me like a deer in headlights as I, too, felt the current of energy flow through the three of us like a lightning bolt. It was as if Obama was the conduit of a very powerful charge that emphasized the "WE" in change.

Yes. That spring day in March 2008, I was just where I needed to be. Days later, there was an unshakable inner knowing that Barack Obama would be elected as the next president of the United States of America. And, my heart knows that WE ARE THE CHANGE! beyond any one leader or elected official.

May we always remember, no matter who leads a nation, We are the change, and the power behind the sentence begins with I AM.

We are the Change

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