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The Living Book of Love™ is a transcendent, periodical of wisdom and activation.


This new genre includes sacred wisdom and timely vibrational attunements. The Living Book of Love™ is a book like none other for it has been encoded deep within the diamond heart and cannot be fully bound into a manuscript. This divinely inspired new genre allows the wisdom within your sacred heart to be synergistically accessed in conscious collaboration with your Divine Presence.


Each element sealed within your chosen episode is infused with the sacred sounds of Light Language and song to subtly address the subconscious, conscious and super-conscious in ways that open hearts and minds, ignite fires of remembrance and manifest PEACE.


These timed released activations attune your human expression to the PRICELESS gift that is your unique soul signature. The transcendent truth is found in the space between each episode by those with eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to listen.


Each Book is mindfully prepared and includes: 

  • Select HeartSpa™ products 
  • 12 YOU'RE GOLDEN™ ticket wisdom gems with access to HeartSpa™ living library of audio accelerators
  • The Gateways audio book


The Living Book of Love™ - You're HAPPY

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