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Empower Peace with the HeartSpa

Empower peace in hearts, homes, classrooms,

and communities worldwide.

Explore for Peace

Read stories of illumination and practice reflection exercises to illuminate your New Now™.

Subscribe for Peace

  • PeaceRx™ Club

    Every year
    Pay Peace Forward
    Valid for 10 years
    • 48 Partial Scholarships Delivered
    • Timely, Targeted Attunements through December 31, 2021
    • Living Library Access through December 31, 2021
  • Awaken

    Every month
    Vibrational support to empower peace in your heart
    • Timely, Targeted Attunements
    • Living Library Access
  • Align

    Every month
    Expanded support to empower peace in homes and classrooms
    • Live Group Call
    • Home and Classroom Attunements
    • Timely, Targeted Attunements
    • Living Library Access
  • Attune

    Every month
    Personalized lifestyle coaching for rapid transformation
    Valid for 12 months
    • Private Coaching Call
    • New Now™ Vibrational Class
    • Early Access Live Event Invitations
    • Community Attunements
    • Live Group Call
    • Home and Classroom Attunements
    • New Now™ Vibrational Tools
    • Timely, Targeted Attunements
    • Living Library Access

Choose with clarity. Take a breath and HeartListen. Your card will be billed each month in exchange for the vibrational membership supports highlighted with your chosen plan.

Expand for Peace

Give and receive your chosen level of support and empower even more peace. 

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Pay it Forward

Amplify peace.  Your chosen donation helps deliver even more PeaceRx™ prescriptions that expand partial scholarships for Journey to the Heart of Education™  for select parents, teachers, staff, employees and community members.  


On a Video Call

Ask Questions

Receive additional virtual class support for your Journey to the Heart of Education  with this live Q & A.  This group call is offered each month on or near the full moon to garner the vibrational lunar energy to break free. 


Studying at Home

Receive Insight

Expand your personal journey with this private coaching call intuitively tailored just for you.  Available by appointment based on availability.  Schedule early to get an appointment at a time that works best for you.


Connect for Peace

Thanks for connecting!


Together, we empower even more peace in hearts, homes, classrooms and communities worldwide!

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