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Divine Blueprint – Also known as the soul print; the path and energetic template that frames the individual  soul’s expression; the purest protentional of an individual expression of divinity free from the accumulated  energy distortions from judgement, past hurts, disappointments, traumas, etc.


Genius or Unique Gift – An outward expression sourced from an individual’s divine blueprint; a soul gift; a unique, individual expression of God/Source/Creator.


HjD – Doctor of the Heart Journey; the highest degree of honor conferred after lengthy immersion through wisdom labs that expand the boundaries of knowledge beyond what is taught through courses of studies by colleges and universities that further illuminate an individual’s unique genius gifts.

Internal Compass – The Internal Compass allows those committed to living their highest potential the opportunity to transcend the need for outdated futile action that in the past served a purpose and navigate the unknown with clarity.  Memory Ignition, an aspect of Deborah O. Baker’s genius, activates the internal compass from where one’s soul meets God so it may be anchored in the Diamond Heart and accessed at any time with ease. 


Light Language - Each transmission of light language, song, and sound opens the heart to feel the nourishment of Divine love. Light Language is truly a language of the heart that has many dialects. All Languages of Light express light codes that speak directly to cellular memory, awakening and nourishing each with codes of light at a deep core level. Listening to Light Language allows access to a space of deep peace. With each expression, there is the opportunity to go further into the infinite expanse of divine  potential to access one’s Divine Blueprint and re-member one’s unique genius gifts.


Language of Light transcends all other languages formed on the earth plane and is without translation.  It speaks directly to the soul to reach the heart of matter.  There are some whose gift it is to illustrate Light Language through symbols of color, line and form.  Light Language flows through Deborah O. Baker as language, sign, sound, and song.


Unity Consciousness – The field of consciousness beyond the understanding of duality and the physical world accessed to consciously source solutions from “future forward thinking.”  The field of different thinking referred to by Einstein when he shared: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Vibrational Education - A transcendent platform for teaching and learning that journeys future forward. This portal for lifelong happiness and soul success fans the flame of genius and transmutes the density of discord to open New Now ™ classrooms that reimagine education to ensure equal access to quality learning for every child. 

Together, we empower even more peace in hearts, minds, homes, classrooms and communities worldwide.

HeartSpa, Inc.
Awaken Solutions.  Empower Peace.

(c) 2021 HeartSpa, Inc.
All Rights Honored with Love.

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