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Navigate Your Success Roadmap

Now What?

Take a pause.
Know your values.  Think freely.
Define what success is for you. 
Get clear on how to navigate your next steps before going into debt

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July 2022 Cohort

The HeartSpa Clarity Roadmap™ is a self-paced guidance program that opens the door to your success. We help unlock potential using scientifically proven strategies and future forward insight to better equip high school graduates for lifelong success. This distinctive experiential learning lab explores the wisdom of a team of master teachers not taught in  traditional school settings.  Engage your mind.  Nourish your heart.  Honor your uniqueness.  

Are you 18 or older and ready to get clear on your next steps?

Gain clarity and focus


Clarify your next steps with a clear mind aligned with a master heart


Know your value and embrace what makes you unique.


Nourish your unique gifts and step forward with courage.

Deborah O Baker Teacher Professional Development

Deborah O. Baker

NY Times Best Selling Co-Author 

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Get extra help when you choose

Empowerment expert with 35+ years experience

Your clarity and courage guide, Deborah O. Baker, is an award winning educator and a NY Times Best Selling Co-Author of Teaching Hope, who has been empowering students for a long time. Now we've taken the real-world experience of this master teacher and made it available to even more students.

Distinctive support

The HeartSpa empowers students to take the lead for their learning with customizable engagement. We offer a menu of optional services to enhance your journey. Choose your level of support and/or expansion with optional Group calls, Private Empowerment sessions, and Experiential Immersion labs.

Student centered

Deborah is a teacher, mentor, coach and guide who connects heart to heart in ways beyond words. Her deep level of dedication, insight, understanding, sensitivity and compassion for all has helped her expand her understanding of reaching what some see as the most difficult to reach. Deborah is here to help you source solutions from "different thinking" by illuminating the lessons she learned from many of her most advanced teachers to include masters of unity consciousness disguised as beyond verbal autistic.

I believe each one of us has a unique gift the world needs - including those who are beyond-verbal autistic.

You can count on me to illuminate the unique gifts of others.

 I invite you to embrace your unique gifts and honor others' unique gifts. 

Access from the comfort of your home

Teacher Professional Development HeartSpa

Access the keys to your personal success with this essential guidance program made especially for those ready to choose their next step with eyes wide open. The HeartSpa Clarity Roadmap provides, tools, strategies and insight to:

  • Understand what drives you

  • Define what success means for you

  • Explore options beyond a job, college and military service

  • Measure what matters most for you

  • Get clear on your next steps​

Experience the New Now classroom

Many master teachers

Learn from real life people who have lived and mastered what they teach.

Student centered learning

Navigate your unique personal journey with helpful guidance.

 Support and expansion

Choose the level of support or expansion that is perfect for you.

Are you ready to define and live your happy, healthy, wealthy, ideal life?

Your enrollment includes

  • The HeartSpa Clarity Roadmap™

  • Wisdom from 12 Master Teachers

  • Quick Reference Link List

  • Guided Practice Exercises

  • Success Journal Ebook

  • Access to 6 Full Audio Books written by Master Teachers

  • 9 Proven Success Practices

  • 3 Self Assessments

A portion of the proceeds from each enrollment is dedicated to the HeartSpa scholarship fund to offer the HeartSpa Clarity Roadmap™ to foster teens transitioning out of foster care. 




*Average costs for 2017 - 2018

The HeartSpa guidance program is an affordable alternative to traditional college classes and success coaching.

College Class 

Learning Focus 

Life Coach



Empower Life Goals

Exclusive Content

New Now™ Tools





When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

*Enrollment suitable for adults aged 18 and older.

Gift enrollment to a graduate!


"She motivates her students to bring out the best of them so they can accomplish their goals/tasks to the best of their abilities. . .but most of all she makes you feel like you are a meaningful member of the school and beyond that society."


~ Maria


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Text 920-355-1191

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